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Miracle Workers
“Hasten to do good! The surest way to happiness not only in the desire to be happy and to make others happy.” (Doctor Haas)
“Learn to do good; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.” (Isaiah 1: 16-17)

All nations recognize this wisdom. There some individuals that live this truth in their everyday lives. They recognize themselves as stewards of the funds that are in their possession, and organize their business to benefit of themselves and their employees, as well as many people in need.
We, at the Central Park Medical Practice, strive to live and work according to those values. We are committed to the prevention and treatment of disease by building on the patients’ desires to increase their physical and emotional health. We provide assistance and support to accelerate their health goals.
Someone longs to be a doctor, another a beautician, a third, a caring mother. All want to improve their health in order to achieve their dreams. We hear these stories of dreams and goals every day in our office, and help our patients and people in need to achieve a happy outcome. The motto of Dr. Rustamova and her colleagues is, “Hasten to do good, help people with love!” As a result, miracles happen again and again and again…



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