COVID-19 Testing NYC

Central Park OBGYN is Now Offering COVID-19 Testing!

With New York City currently under heavy lockdown, due to the ever-advancing threat of the COVID-19 virus, many of us are living in constant fear of whether or not we are currently suffering from the virus or not. Luckily for those across the 5 boroughs, Dr. Rustamova and her team are proud to now be offering our patients testing for the COVID-19 virus.

Rather than living in fear, you and your loved ones can now be tested!

How Does COVID-19 Testing Work?
Despite not currently showing any outward symptoms, many individuals across the city may be carrying the virus themselves. And despite being asymptomatic, you may still be at risk of transferring the virus to others, including your own family, friends, coworkers, amongst others. While there currently isn’t an official method to detect the presence of the virus, COVID-19 testing relies on our ability to detect the presence of antibodies created within the body, as a response to the virus.

In plain English, when our body detects the presence of a viral infection (such as COVID-19) or any other outward threat, it produces certain antibodies in an effort to fight off the infection. And while our bodies are not yet equipped to fight off the COVID-19 infection just yet, we are able to detect the presence of the antibodies. Upon detection of short- and long-term antibodies (IgM & IgG, respectively), we are able to diagnose individuals as carriers, as well a to provide them somewhat of a timeline based on what stage of the virus they might be battling through for right now and what their overall immune response has been. And in the event your antibody test is negative, it simply means that you do not have the virus in you at present, and you might still get sick some time in the future. For this reason, it is still vital that each and every one of us pays close attention to the mandates the mandates and recommendations given to us by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Please be sure to continue to stay vigilant, wear a mask and gloves whenever possible, wash your hairs multiple times per day, and continue to remain safe and sound throughout the next few months.

Get Tested Today!
As one of the few practices offering COVID-19 testing, Dr. Rustamova and her team strongly recommends that patients contact the office for further details and to book their appointment as soon as possible! The fact is that while protective measures like social distancing have certainly been a great help to the people of New York City, the only way to truly determine your status and find out if you are a risk to your friends, family, and others, is through COVID-19 testing!

Call our office, and schedule your COVID-19 testing today!

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