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3 Things to Know About Covid-19 Testing

Since the uproar surrounding the coronavirus, the entire United States has been in quite the frenzy about their health and wellness, as well as the health and wellness of their friends and family – and of course, rightfully so. According to recent statistics, up to date as of earlier this morning, the country is still quite behind when it comes to much-needed covid-19 testing. In fact, the state of California has only now granted those across the country in California, the opportunity to get covid-19 testing done free of charge – interestingly enough, while the whole country is certainly in need, Californians, pale in comparison to the astronomical numbers being seen out of New York City as well as the state itself. In fact, as per President Donald Trump’s March 6th speech, he vowed that all Americans who were displaying symptoms and wanted coronavirus testing, would be able to get one, free of charge. And in-between his moments of blustering and pontificating about malaria meds, nothing was done and New Yorkers continued to suffer without a vaccine, a cure, or easy access to coronavirus testing. The fact of the matter is that testing will be an important part of us reopening the country – as major issues such as stay-at-home orders are eased. But from supply chain issues to lab capacity and reimbursement, persistent problems will make restarting the economy a challenge. To help New Yorkers across the city, and the state itself, the team at Central Park Medical is now offering Covid-19 testing, be sure to contact us today if you are in need of testing. And definitely be sure to read on further to learn about how testing will be handled by the government moving forward.

· Diagnostic tests are increasing, but there will likely need far more to make a difference!

According to US officials, they expect to be able to perform 2 million or more tests per week by the end of May, as testing capacity has definitely improved – but nowhere near that capacity. Even still according to Dr. Rustamova, of Central Park Medical, that 2 million figures is still far too low to make the types of differences we need to see – according to Harvard researchers, the United States will need to perform at least 500,000 tests per day and at least 15 million per month. While Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert believes when it comes to coronavirus testing, that anything under 3 million tests per week and 12 million every month will not make the type of dent we need, and will cause us to be locked down far longer than expected.

· The Trump Administration is Relying on States to Develop their Own Testing Plans.

The federal government is providing us with the preliminary guidelines for reopening the economy and beginning the first and most preliminary parts of the testing protocol they are putting in place. However, because of the drastic differences in state populations, city planning, expansiveness and the countless differences in how each state functions (New York State is extremely different overall, when compared to Wyoming or somewhere as close as even Vermont). This is quite troubling as many believed that the Trump administration had been in the process of outlining certain protective measures for its citizens, and federal law would be working alongside state laws, not taking place of.

· Supply Chain Issues

While you might have thought otherwise, the daily overpromising and underdelivering that’s common amongst politicians across the world, has found its way into the supply chain now as well! A major consequence of the federal government stepping back from a leadership role has been a free-for-all among states seeking to acquire testing materials. States must now compete amongst one another to acquire the much-needed, medical equipment and testing supplies such as chemicals, swabs, and more – in essence, the government sitting this round out also has led to rampant price gouging, not only turning every state politician into a parent haggling for the best price at the farmer’s market, but creating bottlenecks in other aspects of the government as other aspects of the government aren’t being taken care of the way they should be.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of things to be worried about, and while some states are certainly doing better than others, a state like New York, and other more densely populated ones are not in any shape to consider opening up, not until we arrange more testing and get a decent streak of better days. Luckily for New Yorkers, Dr. Rustamova’s covid-19 testing is available now. For more information, or if you’d like to schedule your covid-19 test, be sure to contact Central Park Medicine today.

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